🪴 We Bee Springing into Planting Season!!!

Happy spring dear friends! Honey season is starting off at full force. As we prepare for 🐝 bee companion gardening, we will need… 

The Queen is Breeding, & It’s Time to Feed! 🐝


Beekeeping Feed Bee Queen
Bee protein patties help feed the beehive during the spring as the queen breeds and ensures there’s enough nutrients around for the queen to lay as many eggs as possible. If you’re a Colorado Beekeper we have bee protein patties in stock for you today, and a new bee feed supplement that will help maximize your beehive health.


Wyoming Bee College (2022 Review)

B. Gilmore and some of his friends visited this year’s Wyoming Bee College event and they really enjoyed it. Mr. Gilmore took some time to write a review, check it out!


Bee Companion Gardening (How To)

Local buckwheat seeds are in stock to help begin your companion gardening needs in Colorado. Here’s a list of companion gardening plants to start early in the season, for all our fellow beekeepers and gardeners along’the front range.


Beekeeping Colorado Companion Gardening

Local Companion Plants

  • Nodding onion
  • Serviceberry
  • Winecups
  • Sulphur flower
  • Wallflower
  • Prairie smoke
  • Blue Flax
  • Blue mist and firecracker penstemon
  • Pasque flower
  • Flowering fruit trees including:
    apples, cherries, peaches and plums
  • Penstemons
  • Yarrow



How To Create a Pollinator Habitat

Bees prefer a broad range of plants, some of which may provide pollen only, while others provide pollen and nectar. Flower size also matters. Some natives bees are quite large and prefer size appropriate smaller bees will be able to work smaller flowers more effectively. When planting for pollinators it is important to consider the structure of the flowers too.


Different species may be more or less inclined to visit a bell shaped flower over a flat disk shaped flower and vice versa. Bees like to focus on flowers of similar structure and so grouping flowers of similar structure together while designing the landscape will work in sync with their preferences.

It is best to plant in layers, replicating nature. Begin by establishing a basic structure with trees and shrubs. Then add perennials, grasses, and groundcovers as further layers within the landscape.”

-Colorado State University


Colorado Honey Blog News & Beekeeping Info

The Newsletter (View In The New Blog)

We’ve archived all our old newsletters into the blog, along with a couple past news articles and videos. We’ll be adding beekeeping tips, honey lovers recipes,  local honey news, and much more sweet content updates from our fun little family owned Copoco’s.


Enjoy The Spring Weather!!!

As usual along the Front Range of Colorado, this season beegins as beautiful as ever. Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming classes, in the store, and browsing all our new web content!


–Copoco’s Honey


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