Happy Bee-Lated Valentines Day!

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Plants Bud but Bees Fight Allergies!

A lot of Coloradoans with allergies are already familiar with the nutritional benefits of local wildflower honey. People shop at Copoco’s every day who are looking for honey that was sourced from local farmers in the rocky mountains, and varietal honey from along Colorado’s glorious front range.

An article over at Healthline mentions that bee pollen may help prevent allergies from inhaled pollen, that sometimes may cause sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, a runny nose, sore throat, coughing headaches, and even trouble breathing.

New Honey Merch In Store!

If you’re looking for a fasionable way to support your local beekeepers, we’ve got some fresh new beewear in stock.

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Could Bee Venom Help with Covid?

Believe it, or not, there is promising research that suggests the future of your health might only bee a sting away. As we reach the brink of the technological revolution, our whole planet has been tasked with overcoming the popular variant of SARS known as SARS CoV-2. While some medical treatments have surfaced, various treatments and prevention methods have had adverse side effects, including over 9000 deaths according to the CDC, leaving many people seeking alternative preventive health measures to combat.

Breakthrough modern science suggests the ancient medical practice, dating back to the era of Hippocrates known as Bee Venom Therapy, could be used to alleviate joint pain and arthritis combat HIV, Hepatitus B & C, reduce inflammation, and even could help to alleviate COVID symptoms!


Beekeeping Classes Colorado

Stay tuned for some more sweet honey recipes and the next giveaway!

As always, thanks for supporting our local beekeeping community, and have an amazing day! Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming beekeepers classes.

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