🌻March Beegins With Food

What a SUNNY day for March to Beegin! The 🐝 bees are dancing away as can be expected…

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Are You A Beekeeper? 🐝


Colorado Honey Beekeeper

We’re Hosting a Colorado Bee Survey!

If you’re a fellow beekeeper we could use your feedback! With an audience along the front range of several thousand we want to provide as much value back to our community as possible, what better way than conducting a state-wide Colorado Beekeeper Survey at the start of the season, to help prepare us all for 2022? Contributors are greatly appreciated and we will make our survey statistics public(anonymously of course) at the end of May.


Don’t Let The Bees Freeze, please!

Beekeeping for Kids in Colorado
Feed your bees sugar to protect them from the freeze while we’ve still got cold weather swinging through. You’ll want to make sure you have enough thick sugar syrup on hand. Preparing for the pace of the sprouting spring requires a keen understanding of beekeeping to keep bees happy in March. We’ve got bee protein patties on hand for just $3.99 and will have more sugar syrup in stock soon.



We Still have NUCS & QUEENS!

We’re about 50% sold out of our supply of NUCS and queen bees for the season, as well. As things start warming up, now is the time to pick them up if you’re still in need.

Buy Colorado Honey comb and beekeeping supplies

Our Bee Classes Are Selling Out

We’ve sold out of a few of our classes already, as our fellow beekeepers prepare for the March of bees! If you’re looking to register, or know somebody that is we’ve still got some room in March and April, and there’s plenty of availability in May for anyone who can’t make it sooner.

Local Bee Art

Featured Neighbor: Many of our honey lovers at Copoco’s are familiar with the art of Nathan Rose of Burning Bonsai Art (as seen below).

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see a video of his art, that is currently featured at Copoco’s Honey. Much more bee art and bee wear to come, so stay tuned!

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Enjoy The Sunshine!!!

Thanks so much for existing and we hope you enjoy the sunshine as it beegins to warmup! We’ll have a free honey recipe for you this week as well. Looking forward to seeing you as the weather warms up. Have an amazing day!


–Copoco’s Honey


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